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Frequent Questions

What is included in a facial?
A facial includes a deep cleanse, warm towels, steam, exfoliation with the latest technology, penetration of vitamins and nutrients, aromatherapy massage of the face, head, neck, shoulders, hands, and feet, appropriate mask, finishing protection. Also recommendations for home care will be given.


How long does waxing last?
It depends on the person and how active their metabolism, but on average a waxing lasts from 3-6 weeks.   You will want to wait at least three weeks to capture a complete growth cycle. Using a loofah type of exfoliator in between treatments assists with reducing ingrown hairs and keeps the skin and hair smoother longer.


What are the benefits of massage? 
The benefits of massage include pain relief, deep relaxation, improved circulation, enhanced immunity, lessened anxiety, stress reduction, improved sleep quality, reduced fatigue, and a greater sense of self-love, worth, and well being.


How often should one get a facial? 
Along with the proper home care regime, a facial every 4-6 weeks is optimal to refresh, stimulate, deeply nourish, and rejuvenate the skin. It also compliments and extends the effects of your home care treatments. The more often you can come in and treat yourself, the more benefits you will experience!


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Can I purchase products online? 
No, your ability to self-diagnose and select products could lead to problems or unnecessary purchases.  A telephone consultation will help you in discussing your skin care situation.  Then you may have the most appropriate products selected and sent directly to you.


Why don’t you use acids in your treatments and products? 
The topicals that I use are all acid-free.  The use of acids leads to weakened skin that is vulnerable to excess pigmentation and sun damage, imbalances the sebaceous glands, and causes the capillaries to weaken and retreat resulting in malnourished, lifeless looking skin.  If you want that lasting glow, acid-free is the way to go!


Will my skin break out after a facial? 
The beauty of using holistic products is that they work on a deep level from the inside out and are extremely healing and corrective.  The few clients that have experienced a breakout following a treatment were either using too many active or acidic products which make the skin unstable, and or were consuming too many acidic foods like sugar, coffee, dairy, flour, and heavy meats.  Typically I see this around the holidays where there is an overabundance of treats coupled with extra stress and excitement. Remember the skin is a reflection of how we treat our entire body!  My facials work to calm, soothe, and heal the skin and my clients look refreshed and glowing when they leave.


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